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Sunshine Puzzles was founded in Hamburg in spring 2022.

The first puzzle collection "Happy Sunshine" was successful in 2022 with a Kickstarter campaign realized. That was the start of Sunshine Puzzles.

Since then, Sunshine Puzzles have found many fans in Europe, North America and Australia . Because Sunshine Puzzles are a wonderful combination of challenge and relaxation at the same time. The puzzles impress with their modern and unique motifs, away from the mainstream. They can be meditative and challenging at the same time and help you focus your thoughts and focus entirely on the puzzle. Piece by piece, the motif is put together and the success becomes visible.

In addition, framed Sunshine Puzzles are a great eye-catcher and you can always enjoy them and your puzzle success.

The selected colors and motifs help you to relax and fully enjoy your puzzle experience.

Because jigsaw puzzles are happiness for the soul.

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The founder

Sunshine Puzzles was founded by Ellen Schiller in 2022.

A passionate puzzler since childhood, Ellen already harbored the dream of her own puzzle collection, which she implemented through Kickstarter this spring.

With her creative streak and her puzzle expertise, Ellen attaches great importance to variety and feasibility in her motifs. Before you commission a motif for Sunshine Puzzles, a sample puzzle is first laid and checked for a positive puzzle experience. Only when Ellen is happy and has fun with the puzzle does it go into production.

In her Instagram account puzzlewithpaula she has been sharing her passion for puzzles with the puzzle community since 2017.

Here you not only present your own puzzles, but also take your followers and friends with you with every new puzzle that is on your table.

If you want to see which motifs Ellen is currently working on, then follow her on Instagram.

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