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Puzzling is happiness for the soul

Have you ever done a puzzle? Maybe as a child? And if so, can you still remember the emotional chaos you felt while doing the puzzle?

The ups and downs of looking for just the one piece, but not finding it at first. And when you then turn your focus to another part and make faster progress there?

And how satisfying it is when the last piece of the puzzle is in its right place?

Not for nothing is puzzling such a popular hobby with young and old around the world!

Because puzzling relaxes and challenges at the same time. Every correctly placed puzzle piece gives you an immediate sense of achievement and encourages you to keep going and not give up. Although every puzzler also knows this phase, when it somehow does not want to work, but it is even nicer when you have puzzled through to the end.

At the end there is always the reward: a beautiful motif!

And exactly this process is what we at Sunshine Puzzles call "happiness for the soul".

From the first sorted puzzle piece to the finished puzzle motif can take hours with small or large ups and downs but at the end there is always happiness.

Every puzzler will confirm this.

If you are still new in the puzzle world and do not know which puzzle is right for you:

Here's a little Sunshine Puzzles guide:

Our beginner puzzles:

Wild Cherry and Space Gum

Both puzzles can be sorted very well due to the clearly defined colors and thus offer you an easy start into the world of puzzles.

The individual areas are a little more challenging in the next step, but still solvable with a lot of fun.

Our advanced puzzles:

Love and Graphic Pastels

These two puzzles are not quite so easy to sort and place due to their colors and motifs. Here it is important to always keep the big picture in focus.

Despite everything, both puzzles are great fun and doable for any puzzle level.

The Challenge:


Our most difficult puzzle so far is Boom. Here even the experienced puzzler needs some patience to always find the right puzzle piece in the area.

Sorting by color and shape of the puzzle pieces is the key here.

But after this challenge you will be even happier when you have completed Boom.

You see each puzzle is always something different and now it's up to you to choose a puzzle and start!

Whether it's a photo puzzle, an art puzzle or a sunshine puzzle, we wish you a lot of fun with your next puzzle project.

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