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SPACE GUM, 1000 piece puzzle B-STOCK

SPACE GUM, 1000 piece puzzle B-STOCK

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B- GOODS due to slightly damaged boxes. The puzzle is new and completely intact. These are just slightly damaged boxes.

- 1000 pieces

- Puzzle size: 48 x 68 cm

- Box size: 33.5 x 23.5 x 4.7 cm

- Matt-soft surface

- Produced in Turkey

- made from recycled waste paper

Sunshine Puzzles SPACE GUM , it can be easily sorted according to shapes and colors and therefore also prepares Puzzle newcomers have a lot of friends and a wonderful sense of achievement .

The bright colors put you in a good mood and have a positive effect on your mood.

SPACE GUM is special and just fun!
Let the fun begin!


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  • Sunshine Puzzles Wild Cherry

    Unique motifs

    Each puzzle consists of 500 or 1000 pieces and is a wonderful combination of challenge and relaxation due to the chosen color and shape!

  • Feel Good

    Sunshine Puzzles are a great pastime that you can share offline alone or with friends. Every piece you lay brings you closer to your goal and in the end you will see and feel the success. Promised!

  • quality

    Our jigsaw puzzles are manufactured to high standards in Germany and Turkey. Our puzzles can be used over and over again without losing quality. So they can also be passed on and given away for the next puzzle fun.

  • Fun for the whole family

    The unique motifs, such as "Wild Cherry" are particularly suitable for puzzles together with the family. The motifs are so well thought out that you can easily put together our puzzles.